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How to Make Windows 10 Fully Operational over Mac PCs

2015 will be a big year for Microsoft, as company has entered the Mobile market with its own flagship Lumia devices and now Microsoft is ready to surprise all windows users with its new windows operating system. It is a forthcoming windows operating system, which will be available as a technical preview for users to

6 Steps to Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview

Finally, Windows 10 has arrived! There is a beta preview that had been available a long while before the official release. Microsoft made it available only a few weeks ago. Here is a complete know-how guide for the technically challenged that will help install Windows 10 in a jiffy. There are a couple of options

Nexus 6: Bigger, Better, New Google Phone

Google Nexus became the talk of the town when it was first launched and it has successfully managed to keep up with its brand name with great fan following and popularity. After endless sessions of rampant speculation, leaks, and rumors that surrounded the launch of Nexus 6, the phone recently officially raised the curtain about

Jarvis Ironman – AI Project: The Invention for Future

High intelligence has always dominated science fiction, especially artificial intelligence (AI). The AI robotic systems like androids, intelligent computers, and robots have been the standards, with system capabilities extending beyond human comprehension. Such systems have the ability to interact. The best instance of such interaction can be seen in Iron Man movies that feature Jarvis,

Tired of Seeing Baby Photos on FB, is the solution

Are you fed up of seeing the baby photos on Facebook? Get ready to fight back. There’s a new service known as, which is designed to substitute all the baby pictures automatically on your Facebook feed with photos of something more pleasant, like manatees, album cover or cats. Launched on Wednesday, has already